Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Missing New Mexico

I have finally reached that point in the winter where I begin to question what was going on in my mental state when I decided to leave the warm weather, purple mountains, days filled with sunshine, green chile, and endless skies of New Mexico. I just want to be able to go sit outside. In the sun. Without ten layers of clothing.
However, I am very proud of myself. Each year in Canada, I last a little longer into the winter before I succumb to hating everything to do with cold weather. I mean, I made it all the way to March this year, which I think is extremely impressive (especially considering that I was ready to call in quits in January of first year!) Today it was -20 when I woke up. After class I curled up with piles of blankets and have been doing homework in bed. With tea. And Findlay. And I'm craving a burrito.
But I'll stop whining, because I truly do know how lucky I am to have two absolutely amazing places to call home. I just wish I could be in my Albuquerque home for a few weeks to thaw!

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