Sunday, 4 May 2014

Flights booked!

I just booked flights to New Mexico for June! I think it will be the longest I've spent there since I moved away. It's certainly the first time I'll be celebrating my birthday there in at least five years! I'm so pumped. Aaron is flying down a little later than I am, but I'm just thrilled that he's going to be able to come! I can't wait to see the mountains and big, blue sky again. And to feast on green chile. And, obviously, to hang out with my family! We're taking Aaron rafting in the Taos Box, and (hopefully) to the Santa Fe Opera. June is always so hot there, I hope that Aaron will be able to handle it.

The photos above are from random adventures around New Mexico last time I was home in December. Photos include: The Sangre de Cristo Mountains in Santa Fe, Albuquerque sunset and city lights, Calvin, Turquoise Trail at dusk, Chama River, Ristra in Madrid, New Mexico, driving toward Santa Fe, and an Albuquerque sunset taken from the Turquoise Trail.

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