Monday, 21 July 2014

Weekend happenings

I love that Kaarina is in Halifax. And that Ryan has now arrived as well! I had the best weekend hanging out with this lady and our beautiful friends. These are just a few photos of a couple of the places we went this weekend: we had the most amazing drinks on Friday with everyone at The Drawing Room, located above The Henry House. Seriously, the best atmosphere and drinks if you're feeling fancy! We also had sushi at one of my favourite sushi restaurants, the B-well Sushi and Cafe. I love the laid back, coffee shop type atmosphere, the incredible ginger iced tea, and the delicious sushi, particularly the Rock-n-Roll. Lastly, we had a lovely lazy morning sipping coffee at Local Jo's before heading to the beach on Sunday! You can also read about our market adventure here. There's nothing quite like summer weekends, is there?

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