Friday, 1 August 2014

Findlay Fridays featuring Phoenix!

My cousin's adorable kitten, Phoenix, has been staying with us this week! That, combined with the fact that Aaron is still out of town, has resulted in me taking an obscene amount of cat photos this week. I just couldn't help myself, they are SO adorable. But, I took so many that I am mostly only sharing photos of the two of them together, or of just Phoenix. There are a few of just Findlay here, but if I had shared all of them, this post would be even ridiculously longer than it already is. So, you can see more Findlay photos next week! I love it when these two get to hang out. Phoenix enjoys attacking Findlay's tail (as you will see below) and he retaliates by sitting on top of her and squishing her. They also like to cuddle and sleep together, which is super sweet. My aunt stayed here for a night this week, and she brought her puppy with her. Findlay and Phoenix were not too happy about this visitor, and teamed up against him. They were both so puffed up and Findlay kept trying to guard Phoenix from the puppy (who only wanted to be their friend!). Anyways, I'm definitely way too cat obsessed, but I hope you enjoy this week's kitty photos!
In the above photo, I had found Phoenix sleeping in the sheets that had fallen off my bed when I woke up. It made a perfect little kitty sized tent. She stayed in there for over an hour, and it was pretty cute!
Have a good long weekend, friends!

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