Monday, 10 February 2014

Aaron's birthday weekend

Aaron's birthday was the first weekend in February! It was great, a weekend full of fantastic food and company. I made Aaron a cappuccino fudge cheese cake from Smitten Kitchen, and it was delicious. Findlay watched the whole process from on top of the fridge. Aaron and I had dinner at Cha Baa Thai (vegetarian Tom Kha soup, Mango salad, spring rolls, and red amazing!) The following morning, we went to a brunch with our friends to celebrate both Aaron and Jacqueline's birthdays! My favourite baby Luke was there, and he stole the show. He's such a cutie! That evening, we went out with Aaron's family to Bistro le Coq. I highly recommend it if you're in Halifax. We all split appetizers (escargot and tuna tartare) and had extremely decadent entrees. I love birthdays.

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