Monday, 26 October 2015

Behind the scenes

I thought I'd share some of the behind the scenes photos because they always make me smile. The following are photos by Charlie and Pip, both from our portrait session with Pip, and Charlie's photos from both the day of and leading up to the wedding. I'm so happy that they both thought to take these photos!

The first six photos are by Pip during our portrait session. I love the behind the scenes of our first look: we opted to have it at the top of this huge cliff that overlooks the ocean. We didn't want to climb up in our wedding day attire, so we both changed at the top. It was a little ridiculous.

Carrying the train of my dress around was pretty hilarious.

After our portrait session, we had a wedding rehearsal. I'm so happy that Charlie took this photo, since the sun was actually out!

This was only a small fraction of the bouquets we had. Katie and Janet were working for hours!

The fog that rolled in right before the wedding was so thick!

The Street Eats team showed up early to start prepping. I know I've already said it, but their food was just incredible. 

Aaron spent so much time working on our ceremony. He's such an incredible person and friend. 

We recommended that all of our guests eat at Beanie's Bistro while in the area. They have fantastic food and coffee!

 Some of our friends rented a house together, including Charlie. He took some great photos of the guys while they were there.
Photos 1-9 by Pip Shepley. Photos 10-20 by Charles Bourne.

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