Monday, 26 October 2015

Our Bbq rehearsal dinner

Aaron's parents hosted an incredible rehearsal dinner. Jenn is an extremely talented cook, and went all out for this dinner. The venue was their incredible rental overlooking the ocean. The menu consisted of an elaborate charcuterie spread, goat cheese stuffed dates wrapped in prosciutto and grilled, homemade falafel, and traditional Newfoundland fish cakes. Aaron and his family are from Newfoundland, as is my grandfather, so it was great to have a lot of Newfie foods and traditions. For the main course, we had barbecued pork tenderloin, the most incredible barbecued salmon, grilled eggplant, and a variety of salads and sides. Dessert was hand dipped and decorated ice cream cones with Nova Scotia ice cream. Jenn also had a lemonade bar, which was a huge hit. As the evening went on, one of Aaron's great aunts and his cousin got dressed up and did a Newfie comedy show, which was an absolute riot. It was such a fantastic night. Aaron's parents are so amazing, I feel so incredibly lucky to be part of their family.

The photos below are by my uncle, Pip, and Aaron's brother, Jeremy.

Much like the wedding, the rehearsal dinner involved a lot of family helping out to create a great party. 

The lemonade bar had both lemonade and iced tea, and Jenn included recipes to make your own raspberry lemonade with homemade raspberry syrup, and a recipe for a porch swing cocktail. It was a lot of fun! 

Aaron's great uncles manned the barbecues, and everything turned out perfectly cooked. 

My great aunt Stella lives in Nova Scotia now, but she is from Newfoundland. Within a few minutes of her arriving at the rehearsal dinner, she began talking with Aaron's family, and they found out that she knows some of Aaron's family members that weren't at the wedding. It was really cool that there was that connection!

We didn't get to see the full moon on the wedding night, but it was absolutely beautiful at the rehearsal dinner. 

 Eileen's comedy show was hilarious, and it incited some very loud courses of "I's the By".  It culminated with a screeching in ceremony.

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