Monday, 26 October 2015

Sun and sea

The morning after the wedding, we hosted a brunch at the venue. Some of our friends camped out there over night, so it worked out pretty well. It was a beautiful day, all the fog was gone, and we could see the view. However, we were all pretty exhausted, and I don't think anyone took any photos! The brunch was delicious. My mom and I had made dozens of breakfast burritos and my cousin and aunts made a ridiculous amount of muffins. We also had Montreal bagels with locally smoked salmon. We put out water melon, coffee, tea, and left over cupcakes! The only photo I have from brunch is one I took of Findlay watching the festivities.

Some of my cousins and friends went to the beach afterwards, and Charlie took these beautiful photos. 

Later in the day, Aaron and I met up with them at the lake. It was so nice to just relax, but it was sad to say goodbye to people as they left. I really hope there is an excuse to see everyone I love all in one place again.

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